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Techna Products / FMA Mounting Brackets

Series: FMA Mounting Bracket


JTECFMA brackets are designed to allow DIN rail MCBs to be mounted from the rear of a panel or door, with the toggles projecting through a front cutout.

The breaker simply clips to the bracket as if were a piece of DIN rail and the assembly is mounted to the door with two machine screws.
Applications could be access to MCB as a manual motor controller, power pedestals or any application requiring access to operate the breaker without opening the panel.

- Works with Techna JTEC MCB’s or any standard 17.5mm DIN breaker
- No modifications to MCB are necessary.
- Powder coating for corrosion resistance
Specifications of Part Number JTECFMA
Material16 Gauge powder coated steel
Sizes1P, 2P, 3P
ColourLight tan
Mounting screws
Supplied with bracket
PDF File with tech. drawing