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The DIN fuse system's best feature is its guaranteed interchangeability. Our 45mm fuse clips will fit any DIN 43 625 HV DIN fuse regardless of origin. In addition, our clips deliver high-pressure contacts, a safety backup spring, and bolt directly to our epoxy insulators. They are available in 200A and 400A variants. The 400 Amp version has a "hot stick" operable bailing spring. Check out the Datasheets.


DW820-13 1200Amp dual 45mm Fuse Clip

Rating 1200A
H 92mm
W 171
L 82mm incl. Tang
Mounting Holes to fit our insulators


DW820-2 600Amp  45mm Fuse Clip

Rating 630Amp
H 92mm
W 80mm
L 96.5mm incl. Tand
Mounting holes drilled to match our Insulators bolt pattern


3100302.20  45mm Fuse Clip

Rating 200A
H 95mm
G 7.15
W(B) 32mm


3400102.20 45mm clip with loop

Rating 400Amp
To top of Loop 125mm
To top of Clip 73.5mm
W 32mm



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