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Effective & Reliable
for Pumps            

Pumps are often exposed to hazardous conditions and      situations that can cause severe damage to the pump. Littelfuse SymCom PumpSaver® products will protect and disable a pump in these situations. PumpSaver® offers a wide variety of controls for both single phase and three phase applications. Among these control options are, intrinsically safe and alternating relays, pump controllers, liquid level controls and seal leak detectors, and power monitors which are all excellent choices for your pump protection needs.                                                                             



Intrinsically Safe Relays

Applying electronic controls in hazardous environments can be difficult. Fortunately, Littelfuse SymCom intrinsically safe relays and pump controllers are specifically designed to interface between hazardous and non-hazardous areas. We provide several models of intrinsically safe relays and controllers offering distinct output relay configurations for a variety of systems.

Click the link below to view datasheet:

 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 ISS100 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52ISS101
 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 ISS102 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52ISS105



Alternating Relays

Alternating relays are designed to balance the run time between two independent loads, typical in many pumping and compressor applications. By balancing the run times, redundant equipment is equally exercised to provide greater system reliability.

Click the link below to view datasheet:

52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 ISS102  



Pump Controller Relays

Multiple-pump applications often require balanced run times and redundancy. Littelfuse SymCom provides pump controllers (both intrinsically safe and non-IS) that are designed to handle multiple pump applications.

Click the link below to view datasheet:

52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 PC105 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 ISS105



Liquid Level Controls /
Seal Leak Detectors

Littelfuse SymCom liquid level control relays are used to control conductive liquid pumping operations using either floats or conductance probes. They can be used in pump-up or pump-down applications.

Our seal leak and leak/temp relays provide protection against seal leaks and over-temperature by monitoring sensors within the pumps and providing early warning or disabling the pumps.

Click the link below to view datasheet:

52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 460-15-100-LLS 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 PC-102CICI-DL
52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 PC-102CICI-LT 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 PC-XXX-LLC-CZ
52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 PC-XXX-LLC-GM 52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 201-100-SLD
52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 460-15-100-SLD  



Enhanced Power Monitors

Many pumping applications require advanced power monitoring and control. Littelfuse SymCom enhanced power monitors provide all of the protection and features included with an enhanced overload relay, and are designed specifically to support low horsepower and/or low speed motor applications. This family of enhanced power monitors provides optimal protection for any type of motor or pump.

Click the link below to view datasheet:







Our staff possesses decades of in-depth application knowledge and we are eager to share it with you. All of our field engineers have control gear and fuse backgrounds, making us uniquely qualified to provide solutions to your protection problems. We offer selection software to accurately apply our products, fuse audits to help you streamline your operations, or in-house seminars to educate your personnel. Ask us! 


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