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Series: MP8000 Bluetooth Relay

NEW! MP8000 Series Compatible with Ethernet/IP Networks


MP8000 Bluetooth® Overload Relays are now compatible with both Ethernet Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols. This allows easy integration into whichever industrial network you use.

Paired with your smartphone or tablet via the Littelfuse App, these relays also provide real-time access to operational information and faults for quick troubleshooting. All from up to 30 ft. away. No need to open the control panel. You can keep your distance and stay safe.


The MP8000/MP8100 are advanced motor protection electronic
overload relays, fully programmable via Bluetooth ® using an
iPhone® or Android™ smartphone or tablet with the Littelfuse
App. It is easy to use and arc-flash safety is increased because
the app allows settings to be modified and real-time operational
information viewed. Viewing operational information and faults
on the app does not require the user to open the control panel.
The MP8000 protects any motor drawing 0.5-1,000 full load
Amps (external CTs are required above 100 Amps). It is
designed for single or 3-phase systems with operating voltages
of 90-690 VAC (use of external potential transformers can extend
upper voltage range above 690 VAC). Common applications
include conveyor systems, HVAC equipment, saws and grinders,
fan motors, and almost any pumping application.
Protection is unsurpassed by combining overload, voltage,
phase loss and reversal, voltage and current unbalance, power
monitoring, and underload in one package. For standalone
applications, the Bluetooth® interface can be used when
paired with a smartphone or tablet. The units also feature
an Ethernet communications port that can be used to form
an Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP network. Units can be remotely
monitored and controlled from a PC, or SCADA system, and
data logging through a PC with the optional Solutions software
or other software program using the MP8000 memory map.
This capability allows for a simple cost-effective way to further
enhance arc-flash safety.


Littelfuse MP8000 Bluetooth Overload Relay


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