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With the CrossBoard®, Wöhner has established a whole new system that combines the advantages of a high-performance busbar system with the traditional wiring on DIN mounting rails. The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that is supplied in one complete unit. It can be directly assembled and fitted with components after unpacking. This innovative solution saves time and costs. The integrated touch-safe protection allows you to work live in compliance with the applicable regulations and legislation.   

The new CrossBoard® is the modular system solution with which safe power distribution up to 125A can be quickly and easily realised, especially in machine and plant engineering.

The CrossBoard® is available in a width of 225mm and 405mm. Both can be combined with each other or with other Wöhner systems, such as the 60Classic or 30Compact busbar system. The Starter Kit is composed of the small or large CrossBoard®, the CRITO® power supply module, three universal EQUES® adapter models for various current ratings, the MOTUS® hybrid motor starter and the OMUS® hybrid switch.
The new out of the box system solution

The CrossBoard® with its all-around touch-safe protection offers a high degree of safety. This lets you realize power distribution systems in accordance with the IEC 61439 and UL 508 standard, including IP20 touch-safe protection.

The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that saves the user a lot of time on mounting. Unpack, snap onto the DIN rail and immediately begin fitting the components.

The components are simply snapped onto the CrossBoard®, meaning the connection is automatic. The integrated polarity protection prevents errors during installation.

The components can be fitted to the CrossBoard®, as well as to conventional busbar systems such as 60Classic or 30Compact using CrossLink® adapters.

As a universal system, CrossBoard® is also open for components from other manufacturers.

CrossBoard®225 (22,5 × 16 cm  
CRITO®CrossBoard, EQUES®CrossBoard Slim, EQUES®CrossBoard Basic, EQUES®CrossBoard Comfort, MOTUS®CrossBoard, OMUS®CrossBoard  


Mounting the CrossBoard® and components  

The CrossBoard® is supplied as an out-of-the-box system and can be clicked on DIN mounting rails either high (35 × 15mm) or flat (35 × 7.5mm).

The CrossBoard® can be screwed directly to a mounting plate. Matching holes make mounting easier.

The components can be easily snapped onto the CrossBoard® with no tools. This means both the mechanical attachment as well as the electrical connection are accomplished in one operation. The integrated polarity protection prevents errors during installation.

The components can be easily removed and snapped back on to another section of the CrossBoard®. For safety reasons, the lock mechanism must be released with a screwdriver. This prevents accidental removal of any components.


Wohner Crossboard


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