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I-Flex Liquid Tight Connectors



PVC Tubing
Available in light grey or black

Choose IBOCO®'s liquid tight connectors for:

  • A liquid-tight environmental seal
  • Quick re-entry for cable repair or rerouting
  • recognition
  • certified
  • IP 65-rated for watertight applications


IBOCO®'s straight and right angle (90º) liquid-tight non-metallic connectors are designed to fit with the company's line of flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing to ensure leak-proof integrity on motors, processing equipment, pumps, etc.

Product Characterisitics 
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Corrosion resistant
Resists solvents, grease, oil, alcohol, gasoline, and saltwater
Adjustable collar
Operating temperature -4ºF to +140ºF

Straight liquid-tight connectors
Catalog Number Nominal ID Actual ID PCS Per Pack
  RPS-12* 3/8" 0.47" 20
 RPS-16* 1/2" 0.63" 20
  RPS-20* 3/4" 0.79" 20
RPS-25* 1" 0.98" 10
RPS-32* 1-1/4 1.25" 10
RPS-40* 1-1/2 1.57" 5
RPS-50* 2" 1.97" 5

90˚ liquid-tight connectors
Catalog Number Nominal ID Actual ID PCS Per Pack
  CUR-12* 3/8" 0.47" 25
 CUR-16* 1/2" 0.63" 25
  CUR-20* 3/4" 0.79" 15
CUR-25* 1" 0.98" 5
CUR-32* 1-1/4 1.25" 5

I-Flex Flexible Liquid-Tight PVC Tubing

I-Flex liquid-tight flexible tubing
Available in light grey or black

Choose IBOCO®'s I-Flex liquid-tight PVC tubing for:

  • Applications where oil resistance is required, or where water corrosion or ultraviolet light is a problem
  • Protection of fiber optic cable
  • Installing instrumentation or control cable
  • Wire harness protection
  • Packaging equipment
  • Marine applications
  • recognition
  • certified
  • IP 65-rated for watertight applications
  • Operating temperature -4˚F to +140˚F
IBOCO - I-Flex
IBOCO - I-Flex


IBOCO ®'s new I-Flex liquid-tight flexible tubing provides electrical wire protection during routing applications. I-Flex is designed for maximum flexibility and can be used in extremely tight quarters. Excellent for general applications where fast installation and maximum flexibility are required. Ideal in areas where movement, vibration, or flexing is a problem. Provides excellent tensile strength and has a smooth interior wall for pull-out protection. Withstands temperatures up to +140°F. Available in light grey or black.


Catalog Number Nominal I.D. Actual ID Coil Length
GSI-12* 3/8" 047" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-16* 1/2" 0.63" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-20* 3/4" 0.79" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-25* 1" 0.98" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-32* 1-1/4" 1.25" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-40* 1-1/2" 1.57" 98' (30 mtrs)
GSI-50* 2" 1.97" 98' (30 mtrs)
*Color - add suffix "G" for Light GRAY or "K" for BLACK


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