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Series: DELLE Adapter Kits
SIBA part numbers for DELLE FK adapter kits
(kits are length specif - do not sub shorter or longer fuses.)
Series:Delle Adapter Kits
Delle fuses are now obsolete, but there ia a large installed base of fuses that need replacing. Our Adapter kits replace the existing Delle live parts and convert the Delle fixing centers to accept a modern, easily obtainable DIN HV fuse.
Features: • Direct Bolt-on replacement.
• SIBA Din fuse provide superior protection.
• High pressure clips, hardware and conversion plates.



Delle Fuses Cross to Siba

Delle Fuse kV Amp Range Adapter Kit Siba Part# Standard DIN Body
FD3 7.2kV 6.3A - 50Amp Not Required 3009813 - 6.3A to 50A 292mm
63A - 125Amp 3009913 - 63A to 125A 292mm
FD4 12kV 6.3A - 50Amp 3000413 - 6.3A to 50A 292mm
63Amp 3001213 - 63A 292mm
80A - 125Amp 3010213 - 80A to 125A 442mm
160Amp 3010313 - 160A 442mm
FD5 17.5kV 6.3A - 40Amp 3023113 - 6.3A to 40A 442mm
50A - 80Amp 3023213 - 50A to 80A 442mm
100A - 125Amp 3019613 - 100 to 125A 537mm
FD6 24kV 6.3A - 16Amp 3028913 - 6.3A to16A 442mm
20A - 63Amp 3028813 - 20A to 63A 442mm
80Amp 3020413 - 80A 537mm
FD7 36kV 6.3A - 25A 3000813 - 6.3A to 25A 537mm
32A - 40Amp 3001613 - 31.5 to 40A 537mm
50A 3002413 - 50A 537mm

Dell Fuse Adapter Kits

Obsolete Delle Fuses

Delle Fuse kV Amp Range Adapter Kit# Siba Part# Standard DIN Body
FLR3 6.6kV 63A - 125Amp FK101 3009913 292mm
5.5kV 160Amp FK101 3010013 292mm
FLR4 10kV 160Amp FK107 3010313 442mm
FLR5 15kV 63A - 80Amp FK107 3023213 442mm
100A - 125Amp FK107 3023313 442mm
FLR7 25kV 63A - 100Amp FK107 3002413 537mm
FLP2 5.5kV 160Amp FK111 3010013 292mm
200Amp FK111 3010014 292mm
3.2kV 250Amp FK111 3010014 292mm
FLP3 6.6kV 160Amp FK105 3011013 442mm
200Amp FK105 3011014 442mm
5.5kV 250Amp FK105 3011014 442mm
FLP6 20kV 63Amp FK107 3028813 442mm
80A - 100Amp FK107 3028713 442mm
FTR3 6.6kV 2A - 10Amp FK105 3009813 292mm
16A - 50Amp FK101 3009813 292mm
FTR4 10kV 40A - 50Amp FK107 3000413 442mm
FTR5 15kV 2A - 10Amp FK105 3023113 442mm
16A - 32Amp FK111 3023113 442mm
40Amp FK107 3023113 442mm
50Amp FK107 3023213 442mm
FTR6 20kV 2A - 10Amp FK111 3028913 442mm
16Amp FK107 3028913 442mm
20A - 50Amp FK107 3028813 442mm
FTR7 30kV 2A - 10Amp FK111 3000813 537mm
16A - 25Amp FK107 3000813 537mm
32A - 40Amp FK107 3001613 537mm
50Amp FK107 3002413 537mm





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