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Littelfuse focuses on developing and manufacturing devices that protect electrical/electronic circuits and equipment from harm caused by overcurrent and overvoltage events. It's this focus that has enabled Littelfuse to consistently lead the industry in innovative, high-quality circuit protection solutions.

Look inside nearly any electronic device, look under the hood of nearly any automobile or check the electrical system of nearly any commercial/industrial facility and you'll find Littelfuse products. Whether they are used in computers or cell phones, paper mills or skyscrapers – Littelfuse products provide the best in overcurrent protection.

Littelfuse offers the broadest line of circuit protection products in the world for both overcurrent and overvoltage applications. As the leading global provider of circuit protection devices for the automotive industry and the third largest producer of power fuses in North America, we deliver the innovation, expertise, quality and service you would expect from an industry leader.

As the Canadian marketing partner for Littelfuse products, our customers can expect;  Prompt, knowledgeable replies to your inquiries.

  • In depth inventories from the smallest glass fuse all the way to high voltage and other hard to get items.
  • Industry leading customer service and response times.
  • A Canada wide network of established, professional agents and Fusetek representatives to support you locally.
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